Woodside Staffing Solutions & Consulting.

Welcome to Woodside Staffing Solutions & Consulting, your premier resource for unlocking the brightest talent in the commercial and government contracting arena.  We’re more than just a staffing firm – Woodside is your strategic partner, completely tuned-in to the distinct challenges and demands that define the government contracting industry.  We don’t merely fill vacancies.  With over 30 years of talent acquisition and consulting, we provide an exceptional blend of individuals with not just the skills and proficiency you need, but also the real-world experience that are essential for achieving your business objectives and appropriate fit for your personalized company culture.

Embark on this journey with Woodside and experience the power of perfect synergy between talent, ambition, execution, and the realization of your business’ unique talent strategy.  Together, let’s revolutionize the dynamics of your workforce and achieve your business goals to unprecedented heights.

Our consulting services are focused on companies that want to build, mature, automate, transform, or otherwise optimize their recruiting departments.

What we offer

Unmatched Industry Insights:

Navigating the markets of commercial and government contracting, we are seasoned experts and bring a rich palette of industry knowledge to your recruitment needs.  Continuously updated with evolving trends, regulations, and industry specific changes and challenges, we have an insider’s grasp of the programs being procured, and the qualification and clearances of talent needed to fulfill key roles.

Extensive Network:

Our network is a tapestry of professionals excelling in their respective fields who are typically not actively exploring new opportunities yet work with and trust us with their career explorations in niche markets.  Our strong relationships allow us to connect your company with exceptional and dedicated talent often beyond the reach of conventional recruitment channels.

Tailored Candidate Selection:

We sincerely recognize that each organization carries a unique DNA – a specific set of values, mission, and goals that defines them.  We are committed to understanding your company’s unique culture.  Our comprehensive screening process is meticulously designed to evaluate candidates’ alignment with your ethos, ensuring they are not just a qualification and skills fit, but a cultural fit that is poised to integrate seamlessly into your existing team.

Efficient and Streamlined Process

In the business world, time is a precious commodity.  Recognizing the importance of efficiency in your hiring processes is crucial.  Our connections, built for over 30 years, and proven recruitment processes allow you to focus on what you do best while we handle the recruitment process for you.  Efficiency, execution, and customer satisfaction!

Proven Track Record

Our reputation rests on a history of successful collaborations with diverse organizations in the commercial and government contracting markets.  We’ve empowered numerous partners and clients to realize their business goals, consistently providing top talent and recruiting department consulting and guidance that propels their business beyond annual goals.

We don’t promise results……we deliver them!

Our Guarantee

Our success is our guarantee.  At Woodside, we stand by our commitment to foster long-lasting relationships with both our candidates and our clients.  We take pride in our placement in both a skill and cultural fit perspective to ensure performance and retention.  With us, your business success is our top of mind.  We guarantee every one of our placements as outlined in our service agreement when you engage us.

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Our Vision

Our Values


Committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and our candidates.


We are seasoned, with over 30 years of experience in the corporate space.


Our business is built on a foundation of honesty, ethics, and morals.


We honor our promises and commitments.


We operate with the utmost transparency in all dealings.


We are dedicated to being a trusted partner with our clients and our community.